Vintage Watches

iStock_000082386059_SmallDetermining The Main Things To Look For In Vintage Watches

Vintage watches have never been more popular. They come with all kinds of features and technologies, yet they are not as advanced as the current models. But they still dominate the collectors’ segment. They are rare and usually come with some stories. Now, what exactly should you know when purchasing a vintage watch?

Knowing the movement

From this point of view, watch making has been split in two different categories – manual and automatic. When it comes to manual watches, you will have to turn a small key or crown and wind it up. You normally have to do it once a day – sometimes even less frequently. On the other hand, automatic watches are a bit different. They rely on a rotor. Its weight and your movement will wind this watch without your help. If you wear this watch everyday, chances are it will run continuously. According to <a href=””></a>, if you wear it rarely, you will have to set the time then.

Opting for extra features

Complications come as extra features and they do add to the style, value and functionality of a watch. These supplementary functions are quite diversified. Most commonly, you will find perpetual calendars that track dates. Other watches come with a chronograph or a stopwatch. This feature is normally available in a different sub-dial, yet these things vary widely from one manufacturer to another. Complications do add to the sophistication of a watch, but there is a fine line between being stylish and exaggerating.

Considering the face

According to [], the price tag is not always given by the actual movement or mechanism, but by what the dial looks like. Its condition is the most important consideration in the process. If the dial has been refinished or even repainted, its value will be drastically reduced. Why? Simple! You look for a vintage watch, so you want as many original elements as possible. Plus, the quality is usually lower than the original one.

Sticking to the original

It is important to get as much originality as possible. Stick to original hands if you can find them, as well a the bezels and the movement. Of course, it does not mean that you should overlook the working condition. After all, it is worthless to get an original watch that does not work. Cases should be unpolished as well. It is important to know that the price is affected by all kinds of small accessories coming with the watch too, like an original box or perhaps a manual and a receipt.

In the end, vintage watches require plenty of education – from internal mechanisms and movements to external elements that define their originality. Only then you can finally go shopping.

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