Clocks for the home

These days it is usual for people to check the time on their phone, their smartwatch and even on the microwave, but it is getting less and less likely that people will have an actual clock in their home. Years ago almost everyone had a clock on the mantlepiece and in some larger homes, you’d find a grandfather clock in the hall. Most people had an alarm clock of some sort next to their bed, rather than simply using the alarm on their smartphone. Technology has moved on but there is still plenty of scope for you to have a traditional clock in your home.

Traditional décor

If you have opted to avoid the ultramodern and minimalist décor that has become very fashionable, a traditional style would not be complete without a clock. As previously mentioned, a clock on the mantlepiece would be a neat finishing touch and these can range from small carriage clocks to larger Napoleon clocks.

This traditional style fits very well with a very homely type of décor. This includes multi colored rugs and curtains. The overall feel of this style is comfortable, giving the room a relaxing air and making it feel as though it is the perfect place to just relax after a long day at work. Imagine a warm fire under that mantlepiece and you’ll understand why a traditional clock is a great finishing touch.

You can carry on this traditional feel to your interior design throughout the home. The brightly coloured rugs will give warmth to any room and features such as wall clocks, other soft furnishings and traditional wood furniture create that sense of warmth that you are looking for.

It has become very easy to manage without traditional clocks, but that does not mean that we should. Why not go back to having an alarm clock in your bedroom? A home virtual assistant such as Alexa could do the same thing, but it definitely feels much more impersonal. They also don’t look as good around the home like a beautifully made clock.

You just need to remember that twice a year you’ll need to alter the time on them as the hour changes – many of us are out of the habit of doing this as our gadgets alter the time automatically. It might be much easier not to have to think about it but it is one of those little traditions that should not be lost to time.

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