Clocks Marking Our Lives


Yellow alarm clock on a night table, close up.

Back in the old days the passing of time was measured by sunrises and sunsets. Life drifted nicely on pace in between and there was no blame for being late. How could there be when no one was able to judge whether the meeting or work was supposed to start fifteen minutes from now or two hours ago?

However in our current society time is money, and everything is timed precisely. Half an hour for lunch, roughly eight hours for work and then you better be in an agreed place on time or else…

Manager on your wrist

Even though wristwatches have stepped aside and allowed room for smartphones’ high-resolution screens to tell us what time it is, a clock tells us many things. What time to wake up, have a coffee, get to the office, etc. And as days are not infinitely long, better to use our time wisely, right?

There are numerous strategies on how to manage time efficiently, but these can be summed up in five tips.

  1. Write a schedule and follow it. Remember to schedule in interruptions, too, because they do happen.
  2. Take your time when you need it. For example, setting a “don’t disturb” alert when your work can’t be interrupted.
  3. Refuse to accept distractions. It is highly tempting to check different social media channels every now and then, but sometimes it is good to just block them out and concentrate on the present moment.
  4. People who successfully manage their time are said to be purposeful, committed to values and to have chosen happiness. They put relationships above hurrying to get things done.
  5. Be realistic. No one is a superman. No matter how much time you might have, you can’t always do everything.

Smart Watch with Smart Phone

As you can see, clocks serve a large purpose in our lives. Mobile apps are on trend these days, and there are already several time management apps for iOS and Android, such as Time Doctor, Rescue Time and Remember The Milk, to name a few.

Also, if already existing time management apps don’t please you, is designed to inspire web designers and web agencies that would rather create their own style of applications, and not be stuck in utilizing a basic template from other sites. Aquro’s versatility is very au currant, and it helps developers to think outside the proverbial box.

Time management is critical in today’s world, and it is important to be able to complete the creation of an app in good time, and with all the components that make it viable.

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