The Most Common Types Of Watches

Exploring The Most Common Types Of Watches

The style is probably the first thing to pay attention to in a watch. You want this watch to represent you, but you also want it to be functional and properly match your outfit. With these aspects in mind, most clock lovers agree that each occasion asks for a specific time piece. Now, what are the popular categories?

iStock_000062864560_SmallDress watches

Dress watches are often understated. They usually come with Roman numerals, as well as simplicity and no complications. Such a watch is not too obvious and will not draw too much attention. It is thin and unnoticeable, as well as connected to leather straps. From all the categories of watches, this one is the most luxurious one. A dress watch is likely to be made from precious metals too.


Minimal black watch on artificial wood backgroundMinimalist watches

Minimalist watches are incredibly popular these days. They are simple and subtle, so they can match pretty much any outfit. These watches are stylish, elegant, casual and even sporty. As they do not come with any complications, their price tags are quite low as well. Plus, most of them are based on the quartz movement. These things are even cheaper than their mechanical alternatives.

iStock_000026993326_SmallDiving watches

Diving watches are meant to work underwater. Therefore, they are not too stylish and elegant, but mostly rugged and dangerous. They come with luminous hands, as well as all kinds of extra features to help the diver. The good news is that diving watches do not necessarily have to look childish and colorful. Some of them are not as rugged as you might imagine, so they make good everyday watches too.


finger of a pilot pushing buttons in an airplane cockpitAviator watches

Aviator watches represent a key segment on this market. Most experts agree that such models can usually bring in huge amounts of details and information. They were originally created more than a century ago and their style has not changed too much. After all, an aviator watch is still supposed to provide vital details for pilots. Many models come with black dials, as well as luminous hands and numerals, just in case the watch must be used in the dark.

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