Becoming a Clock Collector

There are a lot of different hobbies that anyone can become involved in. For some, they take great joy in becoming collectors. Here again, there are many other choices, but one that some find exciting is the collecting of clocks. For those who are just starting out in this, there is a lot to learn, so the right choices are made for the clocks to collect.

The Clock Collection

The new collector will want to settle on the category of clocks they wish to display. Some want to go by style, others want to acquire by the brand, and then a lot want to collect by age. For them, they are going to focus on the antique clocks. They can still break this category down into the subcategories like the age and the brand.


If a collector is going to focus on a particular century, they will want to focus on how rare the clock is and its condition. The origin of the timepiece also helps dictate its worth. For example, for European clocks, a lot of the value is put on the specific parts that were used and the integrity of their movements and the quality of the gears. With the early American clocks, the focus is on the originality of the glass tables. Investors will look closely at the finish and the painting of the dials.

Wall Clocks

Style is another category that some collectors want to build their collection on. For some, they prefer antique wall clocks. Among those sought for these types are those made in Germany or Austria with the focus being between the years of 1815 to 1848. Collectors of these types of clocks will be on the lookout for Biedermeier timepieces. These clocks have impressive straight lines enhanced by unique curves.

Mantel Clocks

Another option for the antique clock collector is to specialise in the collection of mantel clocks that come into the vintage category.

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