Quartz Watches

What Makes Quartz Watches So Popular

The history of quartz mechanisms is quite recent when compared to the mechanical choices. Watches based on this innovation have been introduced to the market during the 1970s. The Japanese watchmakers, such as Seiko, who were the first to create quartz watches on a large scale. They basically flooded the market, and they also created the quartz crisis – during the these years. This crisis has led to the partial disintegration of Swiss made watches. But then, why did these watches have such an impressive impact? In one sentence; they are cheap and very precise – just what you need in a good watch.


Quartz mechanisms are mostly based on electronic components. But they also are “fueled” by batteries. They can measure time under a mechanical aspect, but they can also use hands. Most of them come with a digital representation though, which is more convenient. There are a few mixes between of the two choices, which are referred to as ana-digi watches. Besides, do not be surprised if you ever find quartz watches that do not really use batteries. Instead, they are based on some rotors that look like the ones in automatic watches. This rotor provides electric energy instead of tensing the main spring.

It might seem crazy, but a simple quart watch produced in the middle of nowhere might be more precise than Swiss made watches, which costs a fortune. This is because quartz mechanisms lose about 15 to 20 second a month, while mechanical alternatives go up to 10 seconds a day. At this point, making the difference is a matter of personal necessities. If you like a particular brand, perhaps you do not really care about spending a few extra seconds on a daily basis. It is not like you can feel them. However, when the budget is a problem, you would definitely get one of the cheapest watches. Sure, it makes no difference what mechanism it comes with as long as it works and can maintain a good accuracy. Things might get a little too complicated if you pursue small details.

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