The World’s Largest Clocks

It is almost impossible to go a day without looking at a clock. Wrist and mobile phone clocks are the most popular type of clocks. Almost every city in the world has a clock fixed on a building to help citizens tell time easily. Here is a list of the largest clocks in the world.

Abraj Al Bait

This is a government complex in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The mega-complex comprises of seven skyscrapers. The largest clock in the world stands on Makkah Royal Clock Tower. The tower is the third-largest tower in the world. The four-faced clock has a diameter of 43 meters. The mega clock is positioned on top of a 600-meters high building.

Istanbul Cevahir

The second-largest clock is positioned on the glass roof of Istanbul Cevahir Mall in Istanbul, Turkey. The clock has a large diameter of 32 meters. It was constructed in 2005 to beat the Floral clock’s record in Tehran, Iran. Istanbul Cevahir Mall is among the largest malls in the world.

Surat Floral Clock

The third-largest clock is found in Surat, India. Surat Floral clock is the largest herbaceous clock in the world. The clock is made of soil and plants. It has a radius of about 12 meters. It lies on a 22.98-acre piece of land.

Central do Brasil Clock

This clock stands on a 443 feet tall tower in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The fourth-largest clock was constructed in 1943. It has a radius of 10 meters. It is one of the greatest monuments in Brazil.

Duquesne Brewery Clock

It is situated in Pittsburgh, USA. It was the biggest clock in the world when it was built in 1933. The single-faced clock was designed by John Franklin. The clock has a diameter of 18 meters. Up until 2017, the clock was very useful for advertisements by beverage companies.

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