Three Ideal Places to Install a Wall Clock and Wall Lights in Your House

Since we’re all in the race to keep up with modernity, we’re tempted to imagine that the wall clock has gone down the pecking order to the point of extinction. However, that may not be the case. And while we have indicators everywhere – on our smartphones, digital watches, and such like stuff, the fact remains that a wall clock still has life, a long one, as a matter of fact. Besides serving as decorative accessories, wall clocks exist to always remind us that we are 10 minutes late or we are getting late for work. And so are wall lights.That is why it pays to have these two decorative pieces in as many spaces in your home as possible.

Living Room

This is the most visited part of your house; hence, it is the most ideal place to hang a wall clock .and have wall lights. Here, they will complement your decor, and they will always catch the attention of everyone visiting your house, as long as they are classy pieces. And with the living room being accessible by everyone, it means your entire family will be kept on time. For the best display, combine your wall clock with other artistic wall lights, such as the modern wall lights found at Royal Design, a home of virtually all classic wall lighting.


Surprised what the heck a wall clock and a wall light will be doing in your kitchen? A kitchen has always been and still is one of the best places for hanging a classical family clock. This is because most people actually spend a lot of time in the kitchen trying to accomplish some vital tasks, while racing against time at the same time. Need to log into your workplace at 9 in the morning? You still have some 20 minutes to prepare a cup of coffee. Combined with Royal Design wall lights, your kitchen will not only have a good look, but it will also be well lit.


Want to get up in time and prepare for the day without interfering with your partner’s sleep? Then you will need a clock in your bedroom and some wall light. Every time you wake up from sleep to go for a short call or otherwise, the clock will always be there to tell you time; you don’t need to struggle locating your phone or watch. Nevertheless, don’t choose a wall clock with a loud tick as this may disturb your sleep. When it comes to the wall light, choose one that is not too bright since you don’t want to be a nuisance. At Royal Design, you will find your appropriate wall lights for the bedroom.

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